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Public Safety

I believe that in order to reverse the disappointing trend of growing crime in this city we must go much further than talk; we must cultivate new ideas and reassess our budgetary priorities to ensure that our police force and crime prevention efforts are funded appropriately. We can no longer afford to pat our police force on the back and tell them “good luck”. We can come together in fancy rooms and give ourselves all the awards that we can carry, but I learned a long time ago that if things are going to change you have to put in the work to change them, because change will not happen by itself. I recall being a young man full of

dreams and the goals I set for myself and my intense desire to reach those goals is what gave me the strength I needed to fight thru adversity and claim success. As Mayor, I will explore all avenues to reverse this negative trend that has been ignored for so long. Furthermore, I will ensure that this priority is reflected when the budget is prepared. Stay tuned for upcoming town halls and neighborhood meetings where I will begin to breakdown my plan to make Birmingham a safer city.

Points of Focus


  • ​Ensure Birmingham is no longer listed on FBI's list of deadliest cities in America.

  • Shift focus to Crime Prevention.

  • Fully Staff Police Department.

  • Coordinate with residents, community leaders, non-profits, community activist, and police officers to improve relationships and trust between residents and officers. 

  • Ensure Birmingham residents witness that Public Safety is a priority at city hall. 

Police Staffing & Resources

  • Fully staff police department. The Birmingham Police Department is currently understaffed by roughly 150 officers.

  • Ensure increased patrols and command outpost in areas where residents regularly report disturbances to create a greater presence and reduce response times.

  • Reinstate longevity pay and merit raises for city employees (including officers). This will allow the city to attract and retain the best officers. Birmingham can not afford to continue to lose its veteran officers to surrounding municipalities. 


  • Ensure that the the Birmingham Police Department has access to the most effective equipment, software, and information required to ensure public safety in all areas of the city.

  • Integrated CCTV system, license plate readers, and expand the shot spotter system. The amount of violent crimes per capita in Birmingham makes it necessary for us to invest in implementing and expanding our use of technology; This will ensure that our officers have all the tools necessary to prevent and respond to crime.

  • Additional lighting throughout city to reduce non-illuminated areas.

  • Develop smart phone app to allow residents to get the latest news / alerts, ask questions, provide feedback, commend officers, raise concerns, and more. 

Some photos were taken pre-covid restrictions
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