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Creating Opportunities

Financial Report

As mayor, I plan to exhaust every resource to make the city more attractive and easier to work with for large corporations and small businesses. I plan to fight to make Birmingham a more appealing location in the eyes of the large corporations around the country that have the potential to deliver tens of thousands of jobs right here in our city. The bottom line is, I truly believe that if we can provide enough jobs to the citizens of this city we will witness a decrease in crime, improved schools, and an increase in the buying power of the city’s residents. It is imperative that we fight to provide an abundance of high quality and well-paying opportunities within the city so that our best and brightest no longer have to leave Birmingham to pursue opportunities that will allow them to grow and develop. My vision is that Birmingham will become the place that people flock to for opportunities.



As Mayor, I will work with the city council to develop opportunities throughout ALL areas of the city. In order for the city to reach its full potential the Mayor cannot be a tyrant or a dictator, but must roll up his sleeves and work side by side with the city council to improve every square inch of this city. I am prepared to do just that. The time is now. We can wait no longer. We will create incentives for private investors to invest in our communities. We will create an environment within the city where waste is unacceptable. Transparency and fiscal responsibility will be non-negotiable. We will restore the public trust by ensuring that tax payer funds be used efficiently, not wasted on ideas that are not fully developed, inflated construction costs, overpaid consulting fees, world travel, frivolous law suits, or anything else that is not in the best interest of the citizens of Birmingham.

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