Working With Nonprofits

I personally have a great deal of respect for the men and women who serve, support, and are engaged in nonprofit organizations. My plan is to seek out local nonprofit groups who have successfully operated for an extended period of time and have achieved quantifiable results. Proven and established non-profit groups will allow the city of Birmingham to create a minimum return of $2 for every $1 invested. I have grown increasingly impressed with several local groups that have built successful organizations that focus on several things including mentoring young men and women within the Birmingham city School system, helping individuals get on track after getting out of prison, helping people overcome addiction, fighting homeless, affordable housing, etc. I plan to identify the groups that have proven to be effective and inject additional funding in them over time to allow them to grow organically. I envision these groups playing a role in helping me achieve my top two priorities of crime prevention and increasing the attractiveness of our school system.

I believe that the priorities of the city should be reflected in the budget. I reject the notion that the problems with crime and education cannot be corrected; together we will improve our education system, reduce our crime levels and then we will watch our property values grow.

Some photos were taken pre-covid restrictions