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Neighborhood Development

Downtown has experienced growth, but our other neighborhoods have been neglected and allowed to decline. Twenty- five years ago our citizens did not have to leave their communities for shopping or services. My vision would include a comprehensive plan that would include a major municipal center as the anchor of each district. The Municipal center would include the city councilors office, police precinct and business offices. The center would offer government services such as municipal court, finance, permits, meeting rooms and have the capability to host city council meetings. The center will also include entertainment rooms to host receptions, family reunions and dinners.

 With the city of Birmingham’s commitment and resources as the municipal center anchor tenant the developer would be able attract other businesses, grocery stores, restaurants and entertainment. This allows government to be closer to the people. I believe that business will return to the neighborhoods, once they the witness the city hold up its end of the bargain when it comes to continual investment and the consistent delivery of city services. Residents should not have to beg for city services and currently they have to fight for years to have pot holes fixed, sidewalks installed, or dilapidated structures removed. Under the Woods' Administration basic city services will be delivered consistently regardless of what part of the city you live in. We must ensure that residents have access to transportation and grocery stores. The goal should not be to do just enough to keep residents quiet, but to do enough to make sure neighborhoods thrive.

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