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I understand and respect that the School Superintendent and elected School Board officials are the decision makers in regards to our schools. However, As Mayor, I will seek to coordinate with the Superintendent and School Board to ensure that the City is supportive, both in regards to policy and in regards to gap funding. Our mission will be to develop a world-class education program that will result in our children being able to compete on the state and national levels. We will develop a “Workforce Ready Program” involving our children who may not desire to attend college immediately after high school.

We will work to ensure that our schools are what bring families into the city and are no longer the reason why they leave. The responsibility of our educational system is to ensure that our children have the knowledge, tools, and capabilities required to make a living and succeed in this world.


Whether they want to be nurses, accountants, or business owners it is our responsibility to ensure they start with a rock-solid foundation. This means that we must modify our methods. I am a graduate of A.H Parker high school, and I believe that I received a great education, but it is reasonable to think that the methods by which I was educated may not be as effective today as they were when I graduated. The truth is the world has changed. We must ensure that the methods we employ are designed to meet the needs of every child in our city. We cannot afford to be rigid in this area. Our Children’s future is on the line. As Mayor, I will work to ensure that the finances of the city are in order so that when our schools ask for help, the city will be in a position to provide more than just lip service. We must work to ensure not only that all children in our city receive a great education, but we must also fight to ensure that all of our children truly see themselves succeeding in life.

Points of Focus

Kids in Preschool

Pre-K Early Learning Program 

  • Work to implement an early learning program that ensures that children are prepared as they move into kindergarten.  

  • discover potential health barriers that could affect learning in the future

  • discover physical or mental disabilities and develop a plan of action

  • foster enthusiasm, curiosity, and persistence toward learning 

  • cultivate social and interpersonal skills



  • Return the Industrial Arts back to the seven Birmingham City High Schools.

  • Make Pre-K early learning program available to all 4yr old children in the city.

  • Encourage and Increase community and family involvement in our school system.

  • Move the Birmingham City school system into the top 10 school systems in the state (currently #113).

Construction Workers

​Industrial Arts Trade Academy

  • Coordinate with BCS to Restore the Industrial Arts program to our high schools. The industrial Arts program will do more than just introduce our children to a trade or skill, but will provide them with the opportunity to earn a industry recognized certification that will allow them to earn a livable wage after graduating.

  • We must provide our children with options. All students may not desire to attend college immediately after high school. We must ensure that all of our students are prepared to be successful whether or not they attend college.

  • There are currently millions of skilled trade jobs unfilled around the nation, because there are not enough trained individuals to fill them.

Kids Reading Outdoor
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