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7 Point Crime Plan

BUSINESSMAN CHRIS WOODS has a plan to fight crime

As YOUR MAYOR -- Chris Woods will work every day fighting to reduce violent crime and to make our communities safe. Every successful business started with a plan to succeed. My Seven-point crime plan will address the fears of our citizens. I’m ready to do something about it. 


Elect Chris Woods – Birmingham Mayor - August 24, 2021

Violent crime in Birmingham has paralyzed our communities!


Last year, we recorded a 25 year high for murders! And this year, we are outpacing that record. Today, we are ranked by the FBI as the second most deadly city in America!


In the month of April, in just 10 days, nine people were killed violently.


The Mayor and Police Chief are out of touch with the crime that’s affecting Birmingham. Publicly, for years, they have been telling us the rate of crime is down in Birmingham. But we read the headlines. We hear the gunfire day and night. We see the shell casings littering our parks. 


Every citizen – regardless of their zip code – must have the assurance that they are safe at home, in their cars or at church. 


To be successful in business you must have a plan. As Mayor -- I have a plan of action for reducing crime and restoring peace in ALL 99 neighborhoods. 


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Here's My 7 Point Crime Plan


I will reach out to the Sheriff’s office to team up for a cohesive strategy and partnership in fighting crime. Birmingham is the largest city in the state and Jefferson County is the largest county in the state. Partnering with the sheriff department would bring many positive solutions such as increasing law enforcement presence – especially during this time when Birmingham has a shortage of police officers. Birmingham needs more police personnel to effectively fight and reduce crime.  Too often, our citizens report hearing gun shots, but when they call the police – no one responds.   A partnership with the sheriff’s department would allow Law enforcement to immediately increase its presence and be proactive in communities and respond to the citizens when called. 

We will focus on deterrence policing crime, drug dealing, human trafficking, gangs and violence and crimes against our senior community. All citizens and businesses have the right to happiness without being pan-handled outside of their homes or business nor hassled walking their dogs or shopping. We must not disregard complaints of crime!



We will invest more resources into programs such as Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch. The past has shown us that city participation in crime stoppers is essential to solving many crimes. If crimes remain unsolved then it leaves the community to feel unsafe and the victim to feel victimized by the system, all over again. Those who commit crime will know that under Chris Woods’ leadership, crime will not be tolerated. We will expend all resources to bring them to justice.


Education, Education, Education – starting with my Free Pre-school plan for 3-year old’s providing the economic support to enroll children in school by age 3 provides early childhood education to all children whether, they are living in poverty or within middle class families. We will start children in school earlier and support a broad curriculum that keeps their interest by exposing them to exciting career fields. This will give them a boost toward graduation.  Research shows that children who start school earlier and stay in school longer are less likely to participate in violent, felony and criminal activity. These initiatives will require collaboration and support for Birmingham City Schools.


Invest in Community Engagement Program, Social Programs – Police Athletic Team (PAT), Behavioral Intervention Programs, teaching social skills and conflict resolutions. I served the community for over 20 years as a member of the Huffman Recreation Board 501 (C) 3. I served as President, Officer and little league baseball and football coach. I know the impact of investing time and resources in social programs. Many of these programs provided the structure and guidance for young people over the years and they have become success stories. We will also reopen and repurpose some of the existing vacant school buildings to be used for community training, social, and educational outlets.


Remove Blighted Housing and replace with nice, affordable community homes. Everyone needs stable housing – a home where they can walk in and feel it is their castle. Fixing up abandoned vacant homes/buildings removes havens that often are used for criminal activity. Replacing blight with affordable, livable homes and occupied buildings shows we care for this community with our watchful eye and crime is not welcomed. Chris Woods will Invest in all 99 of Birmingham neighborhoods.


Assign a City Hall liaison to collaborate with nonprofits, organizations and professional entities to identify job and career opportunities that pay a livable wage. Employers often find it difficult to fill trade and craft jobs, but through collaboration, we can connect individuals with training, so they can go to work.  Regardless of whether the citizen has been law abiding or an ex-offender, we will play a major role in assisting Birmingham citizens finding highly compensated livable wage employment!

Some photos were taken pre-covid restrictions
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