I will end the practice of making decisions while keeping the city council and the residents in the dark. I will end pay to play politics and ensure that every dollar the city spends is done so efficiently and in the best interest of the city.

The city of Birmingham must create a culture of transparency in order to restore the public trust. As Mayor, I plan to act quickly to accomplish these goals. I can guarantee you that before I make any decision as Mayor, I will ask myself one simple question. Is this in the best interest of the citizens of Birmingham?

Points of Focus


Term Limits

I plan to go to Montgomery in the first legislative session to work with legislators to institute a term limit of two terms for the Mayor of Birmingham. I believe that this is a major, but necessary step needed to change the culture of this city. Term limits will ensure that the city has a continual flow of fresh ideas. Furthermore, this will encourage all future Mayors to work with and build up the future leaders, instead of trying to hold them down for fear of being replaced.  

Law Books

Mayor-Council Act 

I plan to work with state legislatures to roll back the most recent changes to the Mayor-Council Act, which were pushed thru Montgomery by the current Administration. I feel that these changes disrupt the structure of our local government by giving the Mayor the authority to circumvent the system of checks and balances. These changes gave the Mayor increased power without increased accountability. Lastly the unnecessary changes to the Mayor-Council Act moved the city further away from transparency and must be corrected. As Mayor, I will ensure that the city council is empowered, because I understand that without a strong city council Birmingham will never be able to truly put the residents first and reach our full potential as a city. 

Flexible Payment Planning

Budgetary Priorities

As Mayor, I will make sure that the things we say are priorities are reflected in the budget. I feel that effective crime prevention, education, neighborhoods and job creation should be at the top of Birmingham's priority list and I will ensure that the residents see these priorities adequately represented in the first budget that I prepare as Mayor.

Some photos were taken pre-covid restrictions